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Inspired by the source of textile industry and honoring the “From Portugal” since 2006, Sourcetextile offers to the fashion brands a personalized proposals service, creation, follow-up and production of high quality and long durability clothing, whose target can be feminine, masculine or gender free, and which DNA is focused in the development of premium fabrics in organic origin colors (vegetal and mineral) with the neutral tones as leaders. Our offer stands out for the quality, in-temporality and good fitting.

The use of raw materials coming from natural fibers, organics or recycled and with chemicals-free finishes, like the Natural Dye, are our biggest contribution for brands that, like us, want to make the world a better place.

Devoted on innovation, persistent in the continuous improvement and always faithful to our good practices, which privilege sustainability and social responsibility, we are pretty proud about the certifications achieved over the years.

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