Isn’t it time to rethink our way of living and creating?


Fashion is one of the industries that most pollutes and harms our planet. Fast fashion accelerated its productions at an accelerated pace, habituating consumers to excessive and disposable consumption. Fashion and products without purpose, disposable and with suspect quality. We see factories burning in India for lack of working conditions. Vemos milhares de pessoas a trabalharem sem condições e salários justos. The ONU warns that we have exhausted all resources for this year. We see increasingly unbearable high temperatures, dry and full. How long are we going to let this happen?

Isn’t it time to rethink our way of living and creating?

This is a subject that we have been reflecting on since our foundation and in which our purpose is manifested: to create with purpose and awareness.
“FURORE” is the theme of the Munich Fabric Start issue, which means arousing enthusiasm, but it also means frenzy or anger.
“We are excited by new worlds, such as the metaverse, a new sense of community or innovative bio-materials. We are particularly enraged about war, ongoing difficulties in supply chains or unfair production processes. The world is changing faster than we are used to.
Let’s join in; from totally invisible to maximum visibility – let’s far furore!” We also wanted to speak out against everything that is happening on the planet and in the world. Our mission is to help brands to be more conscious through fair, conscious and environmentally and people-friendly production. Come and meet SOURCETEXTILE as we will be in THE SOURCE building in STAND H8/21.

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