Reforest the Sameiro

On March 26 we carried out our tree planting action in one of the Sameiro Woods in Braga. This action aimed to mitigate our “footprint” (CO2 footprint) in the last 3 years of SOURCETEXTILE.

We planted about 458 species of native trees in Sameiro Forest:
250 cork oaks
104 oaks
104 chestnut trees.

Many of our employees, partners and friends, dedicated their presence to our commitment to the environment. For those who never had the opportunity to plant trees, our partner Engineer Abílio Lima, guided the less experienced with a process to follow and put into practice when planting a tree.

Why Sameiro forest?

EWe chose Sameiro because every year, this is a place heavily affected by the fires that happen during the summer season. Especially after the fires of the summer of 2016, almost the entire city of Braga suffered from the fires. Our mission is to help reforest PORTUGAL.

What are autochthonous tree species?
They are the trees that belong to the native flora of the Portuguese territory, that is, they are plants that due to the characteristic climate of this region and its natural history occur spontaneously in Portugal. The species of autochthonous trees are very different in relation to their size, the design of the leaves and their persistence, as well as the type of flowers and fruits. What are the advantages of conserving them?
Native trees are better adapted to climatic conditions and soil characteristics than exotic species, and are therefore more resistant to drought and other climate particularities, and even to fires, such as the cork oak. The conservation of these species is important both for maintaining the landscape, air quality, water retention, and soil preservation, maintaining the ecological balance of the ecosystems. Native trees have a high heritage value because, since the beginning of time, they have belonged to the natural landscape and provide important natural resources, such as cork, wood, resin, and fruits with importance in human and animal nutrition, such as chestnuts and acorns. The native Portuguese trees are therefore a pillar not only of our culture but also support life itself.

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