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We are inspired by the textile origin and defend the “FROM PORTUGAL” to offer the international market, the creation and production of garments in circular mesh that align aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.

Our creative department is constantly looking for new possibilities: creativity is renewed in every trip, research or detail.

The processes optimization, innovative technology and passion for the work we develop, turn into an efficient production, making our community of customers, reconsider the price/quality ratio and privilege the timelessness concept.

We are proud to exceed the brands expectations, that recognize our curatorship, in the choice of materials and the care in the production of each piece. Season after season.

Our curatorship focuses on timeless design, long-lasting and free-gender. We suggest pieces made of natural or sustainable raw materials, with clean finishes.

We are able to produce clothes in the most diverse qualities, with endless compositions, structures, finishes. These are essential elements to give shape and color to the universe of identity of a brand. The final product has our signature “FROM PORTUGAL”.


At SOURCETEXTILE, we use raw materials from natural fibers, organic, recycled with chemical-free finishes such as NATURAL DYE.

This princilpe is our most precious value for brands that seek to make the world a better place.

We are constantly looking for new techniques, fibers, materials and finishes. This is a search and offer that is constantly changing.

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