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Sourcetextile Ltd., provides a Reporting Channel, where acts or omissions contrary to rules contained in the acts of the European Union and the Council may be communicated, to national standards that perform, transpose or comply with such acts or any other regulations contained in legislative acts of execution or transposition thereof, including those that foresee crimes or misdemeanors, referred to envisaged rules in nr 1 of the 2nd article of the Law 93/2021 of December 20th. The reporting channel may be used by employees, service providers, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, as well as by any persons that act under its supervision and direction, shareholders, persons belonging to administration or management bodies or tax or supervisory bodies of legal persons, including non-executive members, volunteers and trainees, paid or not. All communications will be handled independently and confidentially, ensuring the protection of your personal data, and may remain anonymous, mentioning such pertension at the beginning of your communication. To this end, the reporting decision must be taken consciously, carefully and honestly. The company will ensure an answer to all reported situations. To make a communication of irregularities you must use the following channel, or, alternatively, sending to the company's headquarters, directed to the Reports Department (email: etica@sourcetextile.pt). Complaints, in particular those related to customer service, marketed products and service to the general public are excluded from the scope of this reporting channel, those must be submitted directly to the company (email: geral@sourcetextile.pt)


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The completion of any of the identification fields is optional, and it is possible to indicate only one means of contact to be used exclusively in case any additional clarification is necessary on the part of the judicial authorities or criminal police agency. To remain anonymous, keep this box selected. If you wish to remain anonymous in this complaint, mark the box.
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Report and include all the data you have, including names, phone numbers, emails, vehicle registration numbers, or social media links.




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